Vanessa Briceño-Scherzer

When Vanessa was 13-years-old, she watched Ron Fricke’s documentary, Baraka, for the first time. Although the film has no dialogue, it spoke to Vanessa and she decided then and there to pursue a career in the digital arts. With passion and determination, Vanessa earned her bachelor’s degree in film studies at the University of Pittsburgh and attained her M.F.A. in film and media arts from Temple University. Today, her work as a photographer and filmmaker reflects her fascination with humanity, art, nature, and music. Vanessa has experience in English and Spanish television production, having worked for broadcast networks, such as Univision and Telefutura. Almost a decade ago, Vanessa used her experience behind the camera and production knowledge to open Ilu Media & Design. As CEO of Ilu, she worked with corporate and nonprofit brands, as well as individual artists and music groups, including members of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Vanessa was able to make a real impact by bringing media production to institutions, such as the eOne Music, Anne Akiko Myers, and Time for Three. Whether she is on location or in the studio, Vanessa always puts the client’s story first. When approaching a new project, Vanessa considers, “How does this content translate to the bigger brand story and how can we enhance the existing narrative?” She believes, “everything from music to typography helps convey a brand identity on the screen.” Her commitment to storytelling and brand integrity is obvious during her productions. When she isn’t on set, Vanessa enjoys building Legos with her family, watching as many movies as possible, and working with non-profits to protect the environment.