Trey Ehmer

It all started with his mom’s VHS camera in the 90’s. From the moment he looked through the lens and into the world, Trey was hooked. He spent his early years cultivating an eye for action, experimenting with special effects, and finding his artistic voice. All of the standardized quizzes and tests told him to go to college for architecture. Trey knew he not only wanted, but needed, to pursue his passion and dedicate his higher learning to film. So, he took a leap, graduated from the Film and Media Arts program at Temple University and now works on the majority of Bowstring’s productions around the country. Knowing this is the industry he belongs in, Trey enjoys working at Bowstring because he gets to work with the highest-end technology and create with a team of supportive collaborators.

As a cinematographer, Trey enjoys mixing artistic components and state-of-the-art technology to tell stories. Gathering inspiration everywhere and from everyone, Trey’s default is story mode. “You could shoot something beautiful with the best camera and the best gear and the best crew but end up with something meaningless,” says the cinematographer. Whether he is shooting a commercial, a social media vignette or a feature, Trey aims to raise the images he captures to a true emotional level that connects with people. He believes that there is a story everywhere – you just have to go looking for it. When there isn’t a camera glued to his hand, Trey enjoys watching films by fantasy and horror legends, Guillermo Del Toro and David Cronenberg. He also takes time to play the bass, row, travel, and relax with a good video game.