Sebastian Miranda

Sebastian is a prolific motion graphics designer with 17 years of professional experience, from managing in-house creative teams and day-to-day creative studio operations to developing external client relationships, design, illustration, and art direction. The diversity of his work reflects his constant exploration of art, nature, 3D graphics and digital animation, delivering to each project his particular aesthetics and rhythm. Sebastian’s world is composed in layers and keyframes. Sebastian studied visual communications in Prodiseño, Caracas, and multimedia in L´ENSCI, Paris, France. After internships at HBO’s MundoOle, and, he partnered with Alvaro Leon to found Keloide in 1999, a successful design studio based in Caracas. He then became actively involved in the Venezuelan graphic and music scene, with multimedia collectives and bands. This unique background of experiences in Venezuela, Spain, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and the USA, give him a broad spectrum of cultural references and artistic styles. Sebastian joined Bowstring in 2014, creating Motion Graphics, VFX sequences, and VR scenery. His experience brings a solid support to the post production team and gives Bowstring Studios the opportunity to develop a video/graphics integrated pipeline. Motion Graphics Reel