Samantha Srolis

Sam is committed to working with brands that embody values she can support and promote. Bowstring is an organization that runs on integrity, talent and fearlessness. As she puts it, “It is always easier to promote something that you actually like and believe in.” Sam grew up in the Philadelphia area, where she quickly adopted a love of the arts, culture, and adventure. From her first Polaroid camera to her last DSLR, she likes visuals that tell a story. As a youngster, Sam also became fascinated by commercial media content, memorizing the slogans for all the top brands on TV. While staying true to her artistic roots, Sam decided to pursue a career that would give her the opportunities to play creatively while working practically. Sam attended Temple University to study strategic communications. Sam has worked in community relations for nonprofits, media relations for arts groups, and marketing for corporate entertainment brands around the Philadelphia area. Bowstring’s production team takes pride in putting our partner’s brand story first. With a designer’s attention to detail and a marketer’s attention to analytics, Sam focuses on sharing Bowstring’s brand story first. You will often find her hiking, gardening, or rock climbing. She also enjoys playing the harmonica, working on DIY projects, and bringing arts programs to underserved schools.