Robert Brown

Robert has always been intrigued by the technical and creative arts. After attaining an associate degree in digital animation and 3D design and a certification in AVID Media Composer, he pursued film and animation studies at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Robert enjoys all aspects of film and media production, especially experimenting with new technologies. Robert invests time in developing new workflows that increase speed during production and post-production.

He is Bowstring’s go-to-guy if you have a tech question or need someone to manage live broadcasts. An expert in using the NewTek Tricaster, Robert has made so many important events possible. IN 2016, HE traveled to eight cities to live-stream the Xbox Charity Challenge that featured NFL players dueling it out in a charity Madden tournament. Robert also plays an important role on the post-production team. He works with editors, establishes workflows and manages all the data that Bowstring produces. He rises to these challenges during projects, such as the US Army-All American Bowl.

Robert enjoys his work because “every day is different.” He thrives in the Bowstring environment where people do not restrict themselves based on limitations – they dive into new technologies and trends. He remembers, “Bowstring jumped into VR immediately. We are always evolving.” Robert also strongly believes in the power of storytelling because, “without the story, you just have pretty visuals. Anyone can make pretty visuals. We go beyond that.”

He puts story first at work but puts family first at home. Robert really enjoys building PCs, reading about philosophy, playing paintball, and photographing nature on hikes.