Matt Bartolacci

It is pretty simple. Matt loves editing film. From a young age, Matt enjoyed the creative arts and decided to attend Temple University, where he earned a degree in film and media arts. Matt quickly fell in love with editing and started working for broadcast networks, such as ABC and NBC. Since joining Bowstring, Matt has grown to play a leadership role on the post-production team. His speed and abilities make him a productive editor. However, his eye for detail, creativity, and dedication to film make him a great editor. This is obvious when viewing Matt’s work, such as the US Army series, Notes from the Bowl.

Matt’s “we can always do better” attitude pushes him to exceed standards, learn more, and perfect his craft. Matt also puts the story first when editing a project. He likes to review all of the footage and find the small moments and special details that really bring a story to life on the screen. This is why partners, such as NetApp, the NFL and Villanova University trust Matt to stitch together the narrative behind their brand identity.

When he gets away from his desk, you’ll find Matt playing ultimate Frisbee, keeping up with the latest technology, cheering on sports teams, and spending time with his family – he gets most of his inspiration from his daughter and son.