Larry Schwartz

Larry takes great pride in the career he has built over the past 20 years in the industry. He worked his way through the ranks by tackling a variety of positions that have led him to be an Executive Producer at Bowstring Studios. Larry remembers loving TV in his youth and became fascinated with what was happening behind-the-scenes. He recalls, being less interested in the person on screen and wondering, “how does this all work and what does it take to make it happen?” That inspired his main focus in the industry. With a creative spirit, Larry is the man you want handling the logistics of any production. He comes to Bowstring having produced commercials, brand films, corporate media, interactive engagements and network content across the U.S., Canada and Europe. His flexible and collaborative “do what it takes to get it done and get it done right” approach mirrors Bowstring’s dedication to our craft and our clients. His passion and energy are fueled by working with a diverse team. Larry loves that something amazing can be created from the smallest spark of an idea. The story is what excites him and he enjoys using new technologies to make stories immersive and entertaining. Larry has used this approach while producing commercials for brands, such as Nike, Gillette, Rothman Institute and Ford Motor Vehicles. As an Executive Producer, Larry is always driven to take someone’s vision and help them bring it to life. Leading productions at Bowstring makes him appreciate the talented internal resources that make it possible to go above and beyond what is expected. When he isn’t on set or planning his next production, Larry enjoys traveling with his wife and son who are his main motivation. He is a passionate fan of Philly sports teams and also focuses on volunteer work at the Make a Wish Foundation.