Josh Caiola

Josh is Bowstring’s gear savant. His technical knowledge and passion for his work make him an indispensable member of the production team. Originally from San Diego, California, Josh is a Full Sail graduate, with a bachelor’s degree in film. He dedicates his whole life to his work in order to tell real stories that share impactful messages. Aiming to create change through the power of film, Josh is enthusiastic on location and in the studio, always adapting and overcoming challenges with creativity.

Josh also supports the film scene in the Philadelphia area. He enjoys working with local independent filmmakers to produce short films and features. Josh loves every aspect of his job. However, he is most interested in lighting. He always says, “Lighting is one of the most important parts of storytelling. It sets the tone and mood for the whole viewing experience.” Josh’s attention to these details is evident in brand films produced for our partners, such as the University of West Florida and Indiana State University.

Josh spends most of his free time staying on top of the latest industry trends and innovations to “stay ahead of the curve.” However, he does make time to train for mixed martial arts, hit the open road, and enjoy music – he can recite lyrics from songs recorded in the 1940’s to the present!