Chris Sladek

Chris is the heart and soul of the post-production team at Bowstring. He earned a degree at the Art Institute of Philadelphia and arrived at Bowstring as an intern in 2008. Since then, his natural talent and dedication to filmmaking earned him the top position in the Bowstring post-production hierarchy. Recently, Chris has been focusing on honing his virtual reality skills, already surpassing many industry leaders. He keeps up with the latest in stereoscopic VR and always pays homage to the fundamentals. Chris has created several branded VR experiences for partners, such as Humana, Temple University and Stryker (to name a few). When you ask Chris how he approaches editing film, he says, “You just feel it.” His work shows a stunning balance between motion and emotion which brings Bowstring’s storytelling to a whole new level. Chris’ creativity and innovation are evident when watching his work, such as Under Armour’s My Secret Weapon and Synthetic Turf International’s Mud to Turf. When he is away from his screens (he has five!), Chris enjoys playing golf, skateboarding, surfing, shooting pool, and cheering on the Philadelphia sports teams. A true editor at heart, Chris also likes to keep up with the latest in visual effects and 3D imaging.