Andrew Nealis

Andrew’s passion for filmmaking and video production started in high school. He fell in love with movies, soaked up all the information he could find, and dove right in. Andrew graduated from Fairfield University in 2014 with a BA in new media and film. Since then, Andrew has been an asset on production sets for documentaries, short films, TV spots, virtual reality experiences, and web series’. His technical knowledge and positive attitude make him a reliable team member on set, in the studio, and on the road. Andrew has a unique perspective. He loves to come up with new stories and use his imagination to create content that no one has seen. He believes, “A big swing and a big miss is better than doing the same old thing that’s been done time and time again.” A true storyteller at heart, Andrew works with independent film groups around Philadelphia, participates in an improve troop, and even produces a podcast about movies. He calls himself “a cool nerd” but Bowstring knows him as a dynamic team member who feels most at home when on set.