We are vertically integrated with a diverse team of 70+ creative and technical professionals who collaborate to create stories that engage, inspire and call audiences to action. Founded in 2001, Bowstring has grown into a global creative content studio specializing in connecting brands and their audiences across every channel. We invite you to learn more about working together with Bowstring:

We see it as our role to keep our eye firmly fixed on the story we are trying to tell. We understand what it takes to deeply internalize a brand’s story and reflect that in a piece of content.

With a full-time team and an integrated production model utilizing our own people and gear, Bowstring is designed to execute large numbers of simultaneous projects. Most importantly, since we aren’t relying on an ever-changing cast of freelancers, we have complete control over quality and budget.

Bowstring has two advantages when it comes to cost. First, we are located in Philadelphia, not New York or Los Angeles. A lower-cost city like Philadelphia lets us remain cost-competitive, worldwide. Second, we typically agree upon a discounted rate card for all services with agency partners, allowing them to add a studio fee over all of our costs without unreasonably straining the project budget.